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Not only that we are the best organisation in terms of performance, productivity and delivery, we take pride in being the smartest organisation as well. Smartest, you wonder? Yes, we have an application that serves all the needs of the client and company, compatible with all smart phones. How cool is that, right?

So, Metallicz Media is the only company that offers its clientele the ease of work through the introduction of a smart app that not only keeps a track of their work being done, but also assists in getting it completed in a reduced timeframe as well.

A revolution, if you may, in the terms of branding and architectural solutions, our smart application is changing the traditional and orthodox systems and making them modern and up-to-date in every realm, be it on the client’s side or the company’s.

The traditional branding process involved experts and examining site to perform recce, collect required information and photographs, and later feeding information to be processed, followed by presentations, approvals, production and installation. All this indeed was a time-consuming process.

Our app has made it short, smart and simple, cutting on the turn-around time. Our experts examine the sites, feed images & measurements directly onto the app, the data is delivered in a presentation format, ready to be forwarded for approvals. In a matter of a time, the production and installation begins in a much faster rate, delivering instant results. Furthermore, our app facilitates automated documentation and communications, where the clients to keep a track on recce and installation process. The users are provided with unique ID and password to access all the information, download all reports and files made available on-cloud, no reporting structures or follow-up mails required. Smart enough, right!

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